About Us

Surprises, Surprises, Surprises! Everyone loves surprises!

A surprise brings us joy, excitement and pleasure. It is feeling those little butterflies in the belly plus the skipping of a heartbeat when you are receiving something you did not expect. And as a giver, it is happily seeing those eyes light up and those lips curving up to draw a smile. It is a beautiful sight. And I melt every time I see it in my daughter.

Hello there! Call me Jhaniz. I am the lucky and blessed mom of Kaia, my little angel who is my driving force, my joy, my life. Kaia, who’s name origin means to rejoice, is my “daily doze of happiness.” And it has been a self-imposed tradition of mine to surprise her every day.  Whether it’s a new toy, a lolly, a nicely re-wrapped old doll, a biscuit, or a recycled bow. Letting her know that I have something for her hopes to intensify her feeling that she is special and that I think of her every time – when I go on business trips or simply when I am at work.

Apart from loving the act of giving surprises, I like creating things with my hands. I love making little trinkets such as bracelets, necklaces, key chains and what have you. This hobby has been my outlet to de-stress from daily obligations. A “little me-time” if you will. And always at the end of every masterpiece, it gives me a sense of fulfillment knowing I created something that came from the heart.

Surprises and a productive hobby. These two acts led me to the creation of Kaia’s Kloset – your treasure chest of beautiful surprises!

Named after my daughter, Kaia’s Kloset hopes to re-create the feeling of butterflies in the belly, the skipping of the heartbeat, the lighting up of the eyes, and the curving of the lips when your receiver gets your surprise.

Consider this Kaia’s Kloset as your secret treasure chest of gifts – be it for your daughter, your son, your sibling, your parents, your partner, your best friend, or someone who has made a significant impact on your life. In here are a collection of creative accessories, unique novelties and so much more.

I hope to spread joy and smiles. Let’s do it together. Surprises are at its best when you do it for no reason at all. Break the normalcy. Surprise someone just because.

Enjoy browsing your treasure chest!

Keep surprising!